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Rand's origins

Every company starts with a dream, a frustration, or by chance. Rand started with all 3.

Pol Martin, founder of Rand, had understood the financial markets and how to win with them from his teenage years. He used his knowledge of Web3 and DeFi to make the system work for him and put a nice amount of income in his pocket. With a knack for finance and technology and a bit of chance he crafted a way to earn more with less.

Like many Gen Z’s graduating University, Pol and his friends were going to strike out on their own in NYC. But NYC is pricey! And like many their age they were frustrated at their prospects - no jobs, expensive apartments, and zero money. His friends saw how Pol was making money and wanted to learn how to do it too.

Now he could have just given them tips, but his style of go big or go home knew this was a bigger thing. Everything else was moving forward, but banking was still for the few instead of the many, with anyone starting out already falling behind. It should be easy and effortless to earn. The dream was born - easy effortless earnings.
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Rand believers

Can’t build the future without friends. We have some pretty big friends helping build out product and tools since day 1.

We believe we have the best partners in the financial technology industry to bring this to life for you.

Rand fans

We think Rand is the next best thing and others seem too as well. X Community members. X Randers on waitlist and some media shouting good things.
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